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Using The Power Of Vision To Drive Innovation In Distribution


“When we change our frame of reference, inject new thinking,
and question current assumptions, anything is possible.”

- Dirk Beveridge

I'm convinced that distributors need to inject an "Anything is Possible" mindset into their business as a new mantra while inspiring a new spirit of innovation.  In this first of a four part essay series, I share why it's so important that each and every distributor understand that anything is possible - through the power of vision.  You'll read compelling stories of related lessons from highly innovative businesses - from within distribution and beyond - and discover how you can peer into the future to eliminate ambiguity.  You'll then learn specific steps that you can use to craft and articulate your vision with the understanding ... that the only limits are your imagination and creativity.  After all ... Anything Is Possible!


Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Essay:

Innovation is a vital for all businesses focused on the long term. So why don't most distributors commit to real innovation? The Innovation Inversion Rule, holds the secret  in that, the urgency of innovation and the ability to innovate are inversely related.
When we change our frame of reference, inject new thinking, and question current assumptions, anything is possible.  This is The Power of Vision Leading To New Possibilites in Wholesale Distribution.
There are four proven practices that you can immediately undertake to Change Your Frame of Reference in order to craft a new vision for your organization.
Every distributor that wins the future will become an innovative distributor. What made you relevant in the past won't necessarily make you relevant in the future.  And what made you profitable in the past ... well, you know ... won't necessarily make you profitable in the future. The Innovative Distributor™ is your roadmap to your long-term strategy.
In the book I define vision as a future reality that you really believe is possible, with committed effort. Vision Is Crucial for Change because without vision, there is no innovation.
We live in the age of disruption.  We get caught up in the tyranny of there urgent. And to break free of this gravitational pull to the status quo Distributors have to dream the dream again.  Dreaming of the business you want to create, not for today, but for tomorrow is a core catalyst of innovation and change. 
Innovative distributors peer into the future to reduce the fog of uncertainty. The Visioning Spectrum Shows That Anything is Possible once you understand, the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.
Next Steps to Unleashing the Power Behind YOUR Vision. I'm on a mission to help 10,000 distributors unleash a new spirt of change, transformation, and innovation throughout their business.  Creating a relevant, sustainable, and profitable future is not only possible, it's probable, when you act today!

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